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So, the previous post inspired me to finally post my question.  I'll be 6 weeks PP on Tuesday.  On September first I had a c-section (after 13 or so hours of induced labor).  A couple of things have been bothering me...

#1 I have yet to see my OB (her office called and canceled my 4 week appointment - and rescheduled for this Monday).  However, my SO and I have had sex three times since the first.  And while foreplay is plenty good (and we've also used lube) - It feels just like having sex with a towel must feel (dry and scratchy, and generally unpleasant).  I found this odd seeing as I had a c-section and there was no vaginal trauma.  Is it because I'm breastfeeding?  Normal?

#2 Also, my lower belly (from right bellow my belly button to the incision) is still really sore - it feels a lot like a bruise.  Is that normal?  Does anyone know about  when the pain will subside?

TIA, ladies!

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Hi all. I'm actually 9 weeks PP, so I hope this flies.

I have NO sex drive...none at all. I don't want anyone or anything near my vagina. These feelings are normal, I understand. We've tried to have sex once since we had the baby. It hurt so much! It was long after my six week appt, and I was told I was completely healed. It stung and felt like I was being scratched from the inside out. We even used tons of lube, but it made no difference.

I'm feeling so discouraged about my marriage...having a baby is taxing already, and having a husband who gets really frustrated isn't helping.

It gets better, right?

umbilical cord stump

Baby will be 3 weeks tomorrow & has not lost her umbilical cord stump. Hospital treated it w/ gentian violet & told me to leave it alone. Midwife saw us @ 2 weeks & said to treat it w/ goldenseal powder, which I did 4 days in a row. No change. Family doc saw us yesterday, said it's not infected & "keep doing what you're doing," plus gave me a handout saying to leave it alone. :p He said if it's not gone by her 1-month appt., then there might be something wrong.

Has anyone else's baby's umbilical cord stump stuck around?

Doc also said they no longer recommend treating it w/ alcohol (which is why the hospital didn't recommend it) b/c it kills the bacteria that help it to heal.

ETA: Last night the stump stuck to her t-shirt and pulled off--it was stuck to her t-shirt when I changed her at 6 a.m. She has a round, gummy-looking hole that I treated with goldenseal powder. It doesn't smell and it isn't bleeding.


Hi! I'm 3 days post-partum, and wondering how long afterpains are supposed to last. They're about as bad as early labor! I've heard that they're generally worse with subsequent babies and with twins, and I don't remember anything like this from my first birth.

Reorganizing your sex life

I'm just over 7 wks pp, and I'm dying to get things back to normal in the bedroom. We've been having sex for a few weeks now and the only major thing I've noticed is that my cervix is still slightly lower or so it feels and now Kevin is hitting it, something that has never happened before. We're also having a hard time finding time and it feels like everything has to be a quickie, on top of the fact sexual encounters have drastically reduced. And I hate using condoms again, and am really looking forward to resolving my birth control dilemma. On the plus side, I'm really enjoying not having my baby belly and being able to lay all over each other and on my stomach again.

How have you guys reorganized sexy time into being a new Mommy? Or having a new little one? Any differences you've noticed in the sex?


Hello everyone!

This is a brand new community that is here especially for new mommies (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th time around new mommies) to discuss postpartum and newborn issues.

A little background about me:
After two miscarriages (the second one did bring some PP issues like my milk coming in) I gave birth my amazingly awesome son in May 2008. I wanted a natural birth and did labor naturally, but I received the epidural shortly before dilating enough to push. I received a 2nd degree tear on my perineum and a first degree tear that was not stitched at the top. In addition, I bruised my tailbone pretty badly, and my recovery took a couple of months at least before I could sit normally. Sex stopped being uncomfortable closer to a year. I also suffered from postpartum depression that was treated with medication and continue to breastfeed my son.

Hopefully my experiences and the experiences of other members joining this group will be of benefit to the new mommies out there! Please feel free to post an introduction of your own, as well as any questions you may have!